Lisa Thompson

Lisa Thompson worked as a Radio Broadcast Assistant making all sorts of programmes for the BBC.á During this time she got to make tea for lots of famous people.á She grew up in Essex and now lives in Suffolk with her family.

Five Fascinating Facts about meà

  1. I wrote my first book when I wasánine.á When I was little I really wanted to have horse riding lessons but my parents couldnÆt afford them so I wrote a (very) short book about a girl who started a rescue home for horses.á I could then immerse myself in the horsey world I was so keen to join.á I even did my own illustrations!á I found the book when I was about thirteen and was so embarrassed about it I ripped it up and threw it away.á Big mistake.á IÆd love to see that book now.á (Oh and I did get to go on a horse when I was in my 20Æs and I was so scared I asked to get off.)
  2. I used to work behind the scenes making radio programmes for the BBC.á I love radio and if you are in my company for long enough, IÆll go on and on about how great it is and then youÆll want to put the radio on really loudly to stop me talking.
  3. The first really big book I remember reading was Watership Down by Richard Adams.á IÆd like to read it again one day.
  4. When I was five we had a street party and I came 2ndáin a fancy dress competition and won a kite.á I was dressed as the Queen.
  5. I live in the countryside with my family and we have a very large rabbit called Teddy.