What questions would you ask an astronaut?



Book Club have been reading

The Jamie Drake Equation by Christopher Edge



This prompted us to think about what question would you ask if you got the chance to chat with an astronaut on the International Space Station.

This is what Book Club wanted to know :

Tááááááááááááá What would happen if you went on a space walk & floated off?

Náááááááááááá Do you do loads of flips?

Iáááááááááááááá What do you do in your spare time in space?

Ráááááááááááá Is there wi fi on the space shuttle?

Mááááááááááá What does it feel like when you get back to earth?

Zááááááááááááá What is the most difficult thing to do in space?

Sááááááááááááá What were your first impressions / how did you feel at take off?

Aáááááááááááá Does it hurt to go into space?

Zááááááááááááá How hard is it to maintain the space craft (& what would happen if you lost your tools or equipment?)

Ráááááááááááá How hot does it get inside the rocket?