Would the Real Stanley Carrot Please Stand Up? by Rob Stevens

would the real stanley carrot please stand upThis is a funny book, although it also deals with some serious issues such as bullying, family issues and sibling rivalry. Stanley feels that he doesnÆt really fit in û heÆs a bit on the chubby side, the last to be picked for football, and people make jokes about his ginger hair. The final humiliation is when the school bully finds out that he is adopted.

On his 13th birthday he gets a card from his birth mother asking him to meet her. He decides that he canÆt disappoint her by turning up and instead, he advertises for a stand in who will be sporty, clever and good looking to impress her. Needless to say, things donÆt go as planned and he finds himself getting deeper and deeper into trouble as his lies escalate. Throw into this a pushy teacher who enters him for the school talent competition and life begins to get very complicated for poor Stanley!