The Bolton Children’s Fiction Awards 2019

The Bolton Children’s Fiction Award is run by Bolton School. Pupils participating in the Award are asked to vote for their favourite books.

The six books nominated for the 2019 award were as follows:

The Polar Bear Explorer’s Club
by Alex Bell

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It sounded like a respectable and worthy enough death for an explorer – tumbling from an ice bridge to be impaled upon a mammoth tusk – but Stella really, really didn’t want that to happen, just the same.
When Stella and three other junior explorers get separated from their expedition, can they cross the frozen wilderness and live to tell the tale?


The Children of Castle Rock
by Natasha Farrant

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An epic quest across wild Scottish highlands and islands, where friendships will be made and broken, lies will be untangled and the children will face danger and excitement at every turn.
When Alice is shipped off to boarding school in Scotland it’s nothing like she imagines. Run by the mysterious Major, there are no punishments and the students are more likely to be taught about body painting or extreme survival than Maths or English!
When Alice’s dad goes missing, she must run away to find him. But can she persuade her new friends to help?

by Juliette Forrest

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A thrilling, page turning adventure full of magic and danger.
Named after the storm that raged the night she was born, Twister grows up fierce, stubborn and a true force of nature.
When Twister goes in search of her missing Pa, she finds herself in real danger: she encounters ghosts and the dead and harnesses black magic.

I have No Secrets
by Penny Joelson

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How do you catch a killer when you can’t move and you have no voice
I have no secrets of my own. I can’t do anything without someone knowing about it. I can see, though, and I can hear, and sometimes people forget that. Sometimes people talk about me as if I’m not there. I hate that. And sometimes people tell me their secrets. Dan did. And I can’t tell anyone. I wish I could do something.
Gemma’s life is in danger in this gripping mystery from Penny Joelson.

by Mitch Johnson
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A story about dreaming big, about hope and heroes, and never letting anything stand in your way.
Budi’s plan is simple. He’s going to be a star. Wearing the boots he currently makes for the worlds best footballers. But one unlucky kick brings Budi’s world crashing down. Soon it isn’t only Budi’s dreams at stake, but his life.

Embassy of the Dead by Will Mabbitt
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The living meet the dead in a race against time in this spookily funny story.
When Jake opens a strange box containing a severed finger, he accidentally summons a grim reaper to drag him to the Eternal Void and now he’s running for his life! But luckily Jake isn’t alone – he can see and speak to ghosts.
Jake and his deadly gang (well dead, at least) Stiffkey, Cora, and Zorro the ghost fox – have one mission: find the Embassy of the Dead and seek protection. But the Embassy has troubles of its own and may not be the safe haven Jake is hoping for . . .
Perfect for fans of Skulduggery Pleasant and Who Let the Gods Out.