2017 Award

The Bolton Children’s Fiction Awards is run by Bolton School. áThe Award Ceremony was held on 6th July 2017.

The six books nominated for 2017 year areáas follows:

á TheáGirl of Ink and Starsáby Kiran Millwood Hargrave

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This beautifully illustrated fantasy novel is set on the fictional island of Gomera. Forbidden to leave her island, Isabella, the cartographerÆs daughter dreams of the faraway lands her father once mapped.

When her best friend disappears, sheÆs determined to be part of the search party. Guided by an ancient map and her knowledge of the stars, Isabella navigates the islandÆs forgotten territories. But beneath the dry rivers and dead forests a fiery myth is stirring from its sleep.

Beetle Boyáby M G Leonard

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Described as ôa darkly funny Dahl-esque adventureö, this book mixes science, mystery and humour. When scientist and entomologist Dr Bartholomew Cuttle mysteriously disappears from a locked room, his son Darkus is convinced he has been kidnapped. He sets out to find him accompanied by a giant rhinoceros beetle which seems to have taken on some human characteristics. But to add to the mystery, who are the villainous bickering cousins Gamble and Risk who live next door and could they be involved in the kidnapping?

á The Last Immortaláby Alex Marlowe

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13 year old Luke Frankenstein dreams of joining the immortals û a supernatural crime- fighting squad but when he secretly follows them on a mission, he is killed. Waking up the present day, his body given superhuman powers, he finds the world a very different place. The dark pharaoh has returned, and Luke will need all of his powers plus the support of the other Immortals to defeat him.

á JessicaÆs Ghostáby Andrew Norris

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A ghost story with a difference. Francis has never had a friend like Jessica who makes him feel able to be himself. Jessica has never had a friend like Francis û not only because he makes her laugh but because he is the only person who can see her! With themes of being different and fitting in JessicaÆs Ghost is a funny and moving story which ties in beautifully with the æReading WellÆ initiative in BoltonÆs libraries.

á My Brother is a Superheroáby David Solomons

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A comic novel, about a boy who after a freak accident develops super powers narrated by his brother who is disappointed that he missed out on the special abilities. When the whole world is threatened by oblivion from a huge asteroid, only Superboy can save the day!

á Time Travelling with a Hamsteráby Ross Welford

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Al Chaudhury gets a letter from his deceased Dad on his thirteenth birthday. He discovers his fatherÆs invention, a time travelling machine. Could the laptop and the tin tub really offer him the chance to travel back to 1984 to alter events and save his DadÆs life?

This astonishing and original novel will make you laugh, cry and wonder û and wish you could turn back time to start reading it all over again!