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Clownfish by Alan Durant

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Below are some ideas about how to explore the book’s themes creatively.

Think of a book character and how their differences make them special, e.g Auggie in ‘Wonder,’ Matthew in ‘The Goldfish Boy.‘ Create a display using your ideas. Students could also think about how their own differences can become a strength. e.g. Eat well, get enough sleep, smile at someone you don’t know, kindness.

Make a collage of a large fish, include a positive mental health message or quote upon each scale

Create a junk model of an aquarium or sea creature.

Create your own fish designs. They could be turned into a display or mobile.

Discussion Questions

Did Dak really meet his Dad as a fish? Poll your book club group and discuss the differing viewpoints.

Compare perceptions of Violet at the beginning and end of the book – how and why have students opinions changed?

How do Dak and his mum deal with their grief in different ways?

If you had to deal with your feelings around someone you loved, who would you turn to? (Option to mention charities/counselling/teachers/friends).

Raise money for charities supporting children who have lost a parent or are coping with bereavement. There are a few suggestions below.


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