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Discussion Questions

Theresa Breslin has had Caged described as an Oliver Twist for today. She says, ôI suppose I didnÆt want to create a dystopia because I care about the kids that are currently on the street. So I think people have to know itÆs not fantasy, itÆs not science fiction, itÆs not the Hunger Games, which is one step removed.ö

Do you think it is realistic? Did it shock you? Can you believe it might be happening whilst weÆre talking here today?

What do you do when you see a homeless person? Do you give them money/say hello or walk past? Does it depend on whether they are young/old, drunk/with a dog? Should we give money or give it directly to a charity?

What do you think of Spartacus? Why do you think he acts the way he does? Does he deserve what happens?

How are the children manipulated? At what point do they realise that Spartacus is not the kind manager they thought he was?

Who is your favourite character? Why?


Book suggestions

Charles Dickens Oliver Twist

Robert Swindells Stone Cold