2018 Award

The Bolton Children’s Fiction Awards is run by Bolton School. Pupils participating in the Awards will be asked to vote for their favourite books. The Award Ceremony will be held on 4th July 2018.

The six books nominated for 2018 year areáas follows:

á The Hypnotist by Laurence Anholt

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America in 1963. In the South, where racism and prejudice is rife, Pip, a black boy is taken from an orphanage to work on a farm. There he meets a Native American girl and an eccentric Irish hypnotist.

Weaving in history, violence, poetry, magic, a road trip and a bit of Great Expectations, AnholtÆs first novel for older readers is a gripping read, destined to become a classic.

NB: Contains issues which may offend some readers. Some children may need to read this at the end of year 7.

Caged by Theresa Breslin

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Seven homeless teenagers have been plucked from the streets.á Living in an abandoned underground station they are being trained to fight as cage fighters in an internet streamed contest.á Each fight brings money and a chance for the fighters to start new lives away from the streets. But is that the real motive?

This is a gripping adventure thriller from Carnegie winning author Theresa Breslin.

á Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll

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Emma Carroll is fast developing a reputation as a writer of novels in historical settings. This mystery is set during WWII.

After an air raid in which their sister disappears, Olive Bradshaw and her little brother Cliff are evacuated from London to a quiet seaside town on the Devon coast. ItÆs all very different to noisy metropolitan life in London but with secret messages, lights at sea and a possible spy, life is anything but quiet!

á The Jamie Drake Equation by Christopher Edge

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A story about families, space and the Universe. JamieÆs Dad is an astronaut, transmitting to Earth from the NASA International Space Station. When visiting his local Observatory, Jamie picks up a strange signal on his phone û could it be evidence of alien life?

When his DadÆs mission goes catastrophically wrong, Jamie holds a secret which just *might* get him back to Earth.

This is a perfect blend of story-telling, science and mankindÆs quest to æboldly go where no one has gone before.Æ

Instructions for a Second-hand Heart by Tamsyn Murray

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This book has a very deceptive cover in that this is NOT a love story. It is a book told from the two perspectives.

Jonny is facing death, desperately in need of a heart transplant. Then one day he gets the call to say that a heart has been found û but of course, there are two sides to this story. Whilst JonnyÆs life may be saved, another family is facing a terrible loss.

Curiosity drives Jonny to find out more.

This is Tamsyn MurrayÆs second time being nominated for the Bolton Book Awards, the last time was in 2011 for her book æMy So Called Haunting.Æ

Goldfish Boy by Lisa Thompson

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Matthew watches people. Imprisoned in his bedroom by a debilitating condition, he observes the coming and goings of the residents of the quiet road where he lives. So when a young child goes missing, Matthew has vital clues û but no-one will believe him.

A great mystery story with lots of twists and surprises right to the end, it is perfect for fans of The London Eye Mystery and Smart.